1. Aida Bond - Admin

    Spring Update

    I wanted to give you a quick update that I have not forgotten about our purpose and mission here at Heart Care Matters.  It has been a challenging time with the family catching the cold/flu over the last few weeks.  We are all better and I look forward to share and provide...
  2. Aida Bond - Admin

    Open Heart Surgery Patient Preparation Guide: Emotional and Psychological Effects on Recovery

    Thank you for visiting Heart Care Matters. We are beginning the ‘Open Heart Surgery Series’ with the introductory topic ‘Open Heart Surgery Patient Preparation Guide Part I’. In this segment we will explore the importance of the patient’s emotional and psychological state of mind preoperatively as documented through fascinating research...
  3. Aida Bond - Admin

    Our Story

    I thought it might be helpful to share our story with you. This journey began in 2011 when our second child was born and big sister was 6 years old although for many years prior my husband Steve felt that something wasn’t ‘right’ health wise. At that time, he had...
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    Welcome to Heart Care Matters! I am so happy that you found us among the thousands of medical websites on the internet. Heart Care Matters’ mission is to provide a supportive, understanding, and encouraging platform for thousands of caregivers providing care and support for their loved ones with chronic heart...