About Us

About_UsHi, my name is Aida Bond founder of Heart Care Matters. I live in Placentia, CA with my husband Steve and two wonderful kids. We enjoy taking walks together, watching movies, and lately reading a lot of books. When I am not working or playing with the children, I enjoy reading anything that is medical or health related. I highly value my family and my relationships. I thrive on reaching out to others and being able to help them in any way that I can.

In early 2013 my husband Steve underwent open heart surgery for a valve replacement at 43 years old. It was very shocking! As much as I understood about his condition and treatments there was nothing to prepare me mentally and emotionally to manage the extremely stressful situation of taking care of a heart patient. I also experienced firsthand what it feels like to have ‘caregiver burnout’. I wish I had been better prepared to understand the magnitude of my husband’s surgery and the impact it would have on the entire family.

As a result, I have taken this experience and created Heart Care Matters. Heart Care Matters is my way of helping others with the lessons and resources learned along the way. It is also a safe place where heart patient caregivers could reach out and find the support they need.